Sobczak Woodworking and Welding is ready to fabricate anything and everything. If it can be built from metal or lumber then Sobczak Woodworking and Welding wants to make it for you.


Whether it be wood, metal, or some Frankenstein's Monster combination of the two, Sobczak Woodworking is ready to make it for you.


Schooled in ancient eastern craftsmen techniques from the Orient, Todd Sobczak, meditates for three hours about king cobras before his hands ever even touch the raw materials. By then his mind is in a toughened state, capable of manipulating and shaping as a minor Greek deity might. Think of Hephasteus, working away at his forge to craft lightning bolts for the incredible Zeus and you are halfway there.

Sobczak Welding can be reached telephonically or through e-mail at the following pathways:
Phone: 618-334-1613